Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe Guide - Master the Insect Nest Event

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The article "Honkai: Star Rail – Insect Nest Event Guide (Simulated Universe Occurrence)" provides a guide to the simulated universe occurrence called Insect Nest. Players are presented with battles and route choices such as combat, elite, and occurrence, offering a dynamic g


Simulated Universe: Insect Nest Occurrence

The simulated universe in Honkai: Star Rail offers an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience. Upon entering the simulation, players engage in battles against enemies and have the opportunity to choose their route after each room. These routes include options such as combat, elite, occurrence, and transaction, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the occurrence route, in particular, is favored by many players due to its various effects and the ability to quickly fill up the simulated universe index, which rewards stellar jade the first time trailblazers encounter the special event.

Among the diverse occurrences in the simulated universe, the insect nest is a commonly encountered event. This occurrence presents its own set of challenges and rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay experience.


Upon initiating the 'Insect Nest' event in the simulated universe of Honkai: Star Rail, players are presented with initial options: to delve further into the nest or to halt at the entrance. Opting to halt immediately rewards players with 100 cosmic fragments. However, choosing to explore deeper branches into two additional choices.

The first option involves embracing the nest, resulting in the acquisition of a 3-star blessing along with the 'Insect Web' negative curio. On the other hand, waiting for the impending danger within the nest leads to a 2-star blessing, albeit at the cost of a 50% reduction in the current HP of all characters.

Furthermore, within the 'Swarm Disaster' scenario, players encounter extra choices. Opting to enter the insect nest and eradicate the swarm leads down the destruction path, culminating in a 3-wave battle and the acquisition of three random 1-2 star blessings. Conversely, choosing to preserve a bug bubble leads down the preservation path, resulting in the acquisition of 1-2 star blessings of preservation and propagation.

In summary, as players navigate the 'Insect Nest' occurrence in Honkai: Star Rail's simulated universe, they are met with pivotal decisions that yield various blessings and curios, shaping the outcomes of their virtual expedition.

Strategic Choices in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail's Simulated Universe event, players face the Swarm Disaster and must make choices between destruction and preservation paths. Opting for destruction rewards players with three random 1-2 star blessings after surviving a challenging 3-wave battle against the swarm. On the other hand, choosing the preservation path is less risky, offering one 1-2 star blessing of preservation and one 1-2 star blessing of propagation without any cost. This event introduces an exciting dynamic to the gameplay, providing players with strategic decisions that impact their progression.


Insect Web Curio: A Dilemma

The Insect Nest event in Honkai: Star Rail introduces the Insect Web curio, which comes with both positive and negative effects. When applied, the curio places the ‘Parasitized’ debuff on the character with the highest ATK, causing them to lose 20% of their current HP at the start of every turn. However, in exchange, the character gains a significant 50% increase in ATK. It's worth noting that if the debuffed unit is knocked down, the debuff will be transferred to a random character.

In certain scenarios, having a sufficient Honkai: Star Rail healer like Luocha can actually turn this curio into more of a buff than a debuff. On the other hand, if the team lacks a proper healer, it's highly recommended to avoid taking this curio. Once applied, the debuff remains indefinitely, affecting every battle as long as it is in possession. Fortunately, there are methods to eliminate a negative curio, such as using a curio that replaces all curios or through specific occurrences within the game.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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